“We are currently updating our website as a result of some of our services no longer being available after 1st May 2015.

Please see the “contact us” link to find out how to get in touch with us and how you might get information and support from other organisations.

Please note that some of the Advocacy Services that Stockport Mind used to provide are now being provided by Stockport Total Advocacy. You can ring them on: 0161 480 8979.

Stockport Mind is an independent adult mental health charity. We are affiliated to National Mind and we are also a registered company. We offer friendly, accessible support and information to people in mental distress and work with others to promote well-being in our local community.

“Stockport and District Mind strives to work towards a society where people who experience mental distress are supported in their recovery and are free from stigma and discrimination and are empowered to reach their full potential.”