Training workshops

We currently provide bespoke mental health training workshops for organisations, students and teachers. We deliver workshops for a range of ages, from children as young as four years old, right the way up to adults.

The workshop sessions we can offer include:

Mental Health Awareness Training

We offer a short 1 hour workshop which covers;

o             Stigma

o             Discrimination

o             Diagnosis

o             Treatments

We are also able to deliver Line Manager training (2 hours), which covers the above and also includes how to support staff with their mental health, phased return to work, along with creating packs (£10 each) for the session full of useful tips and valuable relevant information.

We are also able to deliver bespoke sessions to meet specific needs, such as stress or emotional resilience, which are set out below.

We have a flexible and interactive approach in our sessions and always receive positive feedback. We have delivered these sessions to a wide variety of corporate and small organisations, charities, volunteers, service users, students and schools and are therefore able to adapt to all needs and learning levels. We are able to come to your venue.

The workshops cost £150 per hour for a maximum of 15 people. Or, we can look at hosting a talk to a larger number of employees.

We are able to come to your venue, or suggest venues to you.

Ideally the session would last two hours to cover the basic mental health awareness and another topic of your choosing, such as stress etc. However we can do one-hour sessions if preferred, as we know it is difficult to get people together, even just for an hour.

All the sessions are interactive and include videos, powerpoints, and exercises, as well as allowing for questions. We are also able to provide mindfulness taster sessions if requested.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch and we look forward to hearing from you.

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This session involves exercises and activities – often in the work environment – around identifying stress what can cause stress, and coping with stress. Also, discussions take place around whether stress is considered to be a mental health problem.

Building Resilience

A typical Resilience session would look at signs of mental illness, what is meant by ‘mentally well’, as well as improving wellbeing (incorporating the five ways to wellbeing).

Supporting employees back into the workplace

This session involves creating wellbeing action plans, as well as looking at reasonable adjustments, signs and symptoms, how to talk about mental health, and signposting employees to where they can go to get the support they need.

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