About Us


Stockport Mind is an independent adult mental health charity that offers friendly, accessible support and information to promote well-being in the community.

Stockport Mind was set up by a group of volunteers in 1971 and is affiliated to National Mind, one of the leading mental health charities in England and Wales.

We are run by a board of Trustees, volunteers and paid staff, a number of whom have experienced mental distress and used a range of support services.

Values and Ethos
Stockport and District Mind has:

•Respect for people, their experiences and their opinions
•A belief in the principle of recovery and working with people to achieve their potential
•An inclusive and welcoming service that is open access and signposts to an alternative service where Mind in Stockport cannot deliver an appropriate service
•A belief in a social rather than a medical model of mental distress focussing on the person as a whole rather than on a diagnosis

Mission Statement

“Stockport and District Mind works towards a society where anyone who experiences mental distress is supported in their recovery, empowered to reach their full potential, and they and their family/carers are free from stigma and discrimination.”

We aim to do this by:

•Delivering high quality and appropriate services within Stockport and the surrounding area
•By working with Mind nationally in line with their values


•Campaigning and raising awareness of mental distress.
•Working within a recovery framework.
•Involving people with experience of mental distress in every aspect of our work

Relationship between Local Minds and National Mind

As mentioned above, Stockport Mind is an independent adult mental health charity. We are one of over 140 Local Minds throughout England and Wales, in a network which runs in partnership with the National Mind charity.

Hate Crime Reporting Centre

We are now a third party reporting centre for Hate Crime. The ‘Hate crime reporting centres’ tab under ‘Useful information’ on this page now lists us  amongst others in the region for this. For more information on Hate Crime, please click here.