Singing 4 Fun

(Singing 4 Fun is currently on hold due to Coronavirus – please click here for details on our current service offer).

Singing for Fun is a group that does what it says on the tin. It’s a fun way of building up self-esteem & confidence, through singing. You don’t have to be a Bono or Beyonce. It doesn’t even matter if you’re tone-deaf. I can only just about carry a song, and have been known to drop a few. The focus is on having fun.

The group takes place on Thursdays, at the Disability Stockport, 23 High Street, SK1 1EG. It runs from 1-2 pm and has a minimal charge of £1.00 which goes towards the running costs of the centre.

As I’ve said, my voice can only be described as passable, and many have passed me by when they hear it. And as I was only there originally in a support capacity, this represented a challenge comparable to hopping up Everest. But the god of singing smiled on me, and with the dedication of the group, and a sprinkling of terrible puns (supplied by me), the group survived, and indeed thrived.

After an enjoyable rollercoaster ride, that saw the group’s health progress from intensive care to recovery – to now just needing the occasional check up – the group took a huge leap forward, in the shape of singing coach, Sheila Gott. Out of the blue or should that be blues, Sheila, a renowned professional singer and voice coach offered her services and vocal talent to the group, and a new era began.

She brought with her a wealth of professional experience gained from working with some of the biggest names (and shortest too) in the music industry, Take That, to name just one. Under her tutelage, the group took a step forward comparable to Neil Armstrong’s first step onto the moon. Under Sheila’s guidance, and my misguided attempts at humour, the group  flourished, and people who wouldn’t have said boo to a goose  (although it’s always puzzled me why people would want to say boo to a goose) found the confidence to express themselves within the group,  and eventually in public.

The true extent of the increased confidence was evident when one of the members, who originally wouldn’t have approached a goose let alone said boo to it, conjured up the confidence to sing in public at an Open Mic night in the centre of Stockport.

Singing 4 Fun

Which leads me to where we are now. In recent years, the group as exceeded all expectations and performed at Stockport Market Hall, a Christmas Carol Service and at a Stockport College Health and Wellbeing Day, earning accolades from young and old alike.

What does the future hold? Not a clue, but I can guarantee you this, it’ll be fun finding out. If this sounds like it’s for you and something you would like to be involved with, please just turn up on the day.

I’ll end on that note. I think it’s a middle C.


You can find out more information on the Singing 4 Fun website here.