Mental Health Awareness Training

We have set up a new training service to sell to corporate companies who need mental health support for their employees. We currently offer the following training workshops:

· Mental Health Awareness (details on this page)

· Supporting Mental Health – A Managers Guide

· Mental Health First Aid Training

· Supporting the mental wellbeing of employees in a post covid world – a course for managers

· Stress Management

Training can be delivered virtually, at the company’s office, or at our SDM training room. All training can be adapted to a webinar if requested.

Training 1 – Mental Health Awareness

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: £400 (£200 per hour)


· What is mental health?

· The mental health continuum

· Myths & Stereotypes

· Causes, signs and symptoms of key mental health conditions (depression, anxiety, psychosis, schizophrenia).

· How to support someone in mental distress

· Signposting to local and national support

To book or discuss this training with us

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