Isolation and Social Engagement Service

Are you isolated or feeling lonely? Or do you know someone that is? Do you find it hard to get out of the house? Have you stopped doing the things you enjoy?

You might be coping with a big change in your life which means staying in touch with friends and family is even harder than usual. For example a bereavement, moving to a new community, loss or change of employment, a relationship breakdown, or becoming a parent.

You may be dealing with a physical or mental health problem, or be a Carer for someone who is, which can make it difficult to join in with activities in your local community. These circumstances can lead to a loss of confidence and/or reduced social network.

‘Isolation’ refers to the number and type of social connections we have, whereas ‘loneliness’ refers to the feelings we have about these connections – ‘a lack or loss of companionship’.

Isolation and loneliness really can affect anyone, in many different stages of our lives. We are working to reduce isolation through this project, by working directly alongside people who would like a bit of support. The aim is to prevent things from getting worse and to improve your wellbeing and independence.

To find out more information about accessing this service, please click here for details on how to contact us.

The service looks to support those aged 16+ with any SK postcode. 

Feedback received:

“I specifically need to applaud the incredible, consistent psychological support provided via the Isolation Service. My worker telephoned me on a regular basis throughout the solitary months of self-isolation due to the Covid 19 lockdown.

Her superb understanding and knowledge of mental health problems enabled me to survive these traumatic times. Stockport Mind has provided myself and many others with life saving support, and continue to do so.

Many people who endure mental health issues do not have supportive families or friends, so Stockport Mind is an integral part of our lives. I am also aware that Stockport Mind is in desperate need of funding to enable them to help more emotionally distressed and isolated residents within our borough.

Their work saves lives, and enriches the lives of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged. I truly hope that Stockport Mind receive adequate funding and recognition for this essential service.

The staff team care passionately about mental health wellbeing, and alleviating psychological distress. The staff members are proactive, responsive, and engaged with those of us who desperately need this community-based support. Thank you Stockport Mind!!!”