Hate Crime Reporting Centre

We are a Hate Crime Reporting Centre. This page first explains what a Hate Crime is, before detailing how you can report with us.

What is Hate Crime?

In England and Wales, Hate Crimes are any crimes which are targeted at people because of prejudice or hostility in relation to:

  • disability
  • race/ethnicity
  • religion/beliefs
  • sexual orientation
  • transgender identity
  • alternative sub-culture

Hate Crimes can be committed against a person, or property. Please call 999 if you feel that life is in danger, or call 101 at any other time.

A victim of Hate Crime does not have to be a member of the group at which the hostility or prejudice is targeted. In fact, anyone could be a victim of Hate Crime.

If someone is convicted of a criminal offence, and prejudice or hostility in relation to any of the above categories is proven, any sentence they receive would be increased due to it being classified as a Hate Crime.

Reporting Centre

We are a third party Hate Crime Reporting Centre.

This means you can approach us or any other centres – instead of the police – to report a Hate Crime. We would then pass the details onto the police to be dealt with appropriately. We offer a safe, confidential space to support you through the process.

During Coronavirus, our office isn’t open to the public, to keep everyone safe. But you can still contact us about this.

You can also report with Stop Hate UK, a specialist organisation which covers Stockport.

In October 2018 the Government launched a new national Hate Crime awareness campaign.