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The future of work (Coronacoaster Blog – 5 of 5)

We all hear about the devastating impact of the pandemic and as a local mental health charity, Stockport Mind have seen this first-hand. Most people you speak to have very much had the ‘Coronacoaster’ experience – some days good, some days hard to get through – but can we remember the positives that have come from this pandemic and the impacts they have had within this turbulent experience?

This blog series is aimed primarily at office workers, and though we continue to reflect that everyone’s journey through this pandemic is unique, we wanted to acknowledge that other non-office-based industries have often had less choice and flexibility over where and how they work.

In these blogs, Stockport Mind employees reflect on their journey during the past 18 months, about the additional challenges this pandemic has brought to their support of vulnerable service users. But they also discuss and reflect on their work continuing – whilst able to work from home – and that they have felt fortunate in that new transition; especially being able to continue to support those who have needed it most.


Coronacoaster Blog 5 of 5 – The future of work

Is working from home full-time here to stay, or is it more likely a blended approach will be what a lot of staff teams move to?

A BBC article in May stated almost all of 50 of the UK’s biggest employers questioned said they do not plan to bring staff back to the office full-time.

But the following month, the Centre for Cities think tank told the BBC that the five-day office week could become the norm again within two years, with a shift back to pre-Covid working patterns for many. 

Now things have reopened, some experts are predicting a ‘wave of resignations’ from people who had decided to hang in there during times of such uncertainty, but are now ready for a new start.

Surely nobody can really say for sure exactly what will happen and it will likely be a nuanced combination of some of these things playing out.

What is more certain is that as we move out of lockdown and open our eyes and ears to what some predict will be a new world, as an organisation we are concerned, as we have heard from some companies we work with about increased levels of staff anxiety, about what things are going to be like on their return to their workplaces.

We also need to remember that for a high percentage of the population, the work place is not an office; it is a construction site, a supermarket, a prison, a care home, school, restaurant, hospital, a bus/train etc. Let us hope that one of the things we have learnt from Covid and lockdowns is that we should have equal respect for all. So if you are worried about your team’s workplace wellbeing going forward, please feel free to encourage someone in HR to get in touch with us, to see how we might be able to help >


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