2021 – Virtual ‘Thursday at One’ art group

2021 – Virtual ‘Thursday at One’ art group

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Because our ‘Thursday at One’ art and craft group can’t run as normal due to Coronavirus, members are encouraged to continue their work at home, at the same time they would normally attend the group on a Thursday. They can send examples of their work to be showcased here.

This is open to everyone, so please feel free to join in and submit photos of your work as a ‘guest’ member too. Please send images to info@stockportmind.org.uk 

The idea is to allow people to see what other group members are working on and try to keep motivation going, though we know it’s difficult. Some members have said that although they won’t be able to send work in, they will still work on their art on Thursdays, and enjoy the idea of being part of this in spirit. We have done some Zoom sessions with group members too, which some work has been created at.

Please enjoy work from 2021 below – hopefully we can get back to the group soon. We have archived the brilliant work produced in 2020 and you can take a look here.

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IMG 20210409 WA0001
IMG 20210409 WA0000
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Suzi (Group member) – “My Easter project also started as a plastic bottle.”
Suzi (Group member) – “This started life as a plastic bottle and was a gift for a friend. She put the flowers in it which just finished it off perfectly.”
Suzi (Group Member) – “Project done over Xmas.”
ve decopatch resized 3
Ve (Volunteer) – “Decopatch on this old chocolate box and it looks good enough to use as a gift box. Work in progress on the left, then on the right its finished. Miss you all and hope we can soon meet up safely. Ve”
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Hollie (Guest contributor) – “I printed and cut some bookmarks using my hand-drawn floral designs. I think the tassels match really well.”
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Ve (Volunteer) – “I have been making greeting cards because they are unavailable on my click and collect order. The speedy recovery card is for my brother-in-law, who will have a hip replacement next week.”
ve resized
Ve (Volunteer) – “Happy new year to everyone. We have survived Christmas and new year and the days are getting a little longer. I look forward to us meeting again maybe in the spring time. MISS YOU ALL.  Best wishes and stay safe Ve.
This handmade bookmark was made by Jean Purcell, the lady who collects the money and it is so beautiful that I wanted to share it with you.”