Feedback – Social Isolation and Engagement Service

Feedback – Social Isolation and Engagement Service

Below we have some feedback from two people, both of whom have been supported via our Social Isolation and Engagement Service.

Here is a testimonial from George, who speaks about the telephone support he has received. We also did some socially-distanced home visits with him, in PPE and ensuring all safety precautions were taken in line with current regulations. Thank you very much to George for sharing his story:

“I am sending this testimonial regarding the excellent time had in contact with Stockport Mind. There was nothing so enjoyable as to hear the worker’s voice on the telephone, asking me how I was keeping, and genuine questions regarding my health. 

When you live on your own – especially like me for a few years – a friendly, cheerful, caring, always happy voice, makes the day a better place to start chatting.

My worker has never seemed to have a shortage of time to listen to your troubles or worries, and is always prepared to go that extra mile in order to listen to her clients. Her wide knowledge of caring for people knows no bounds but she has the gift of listening to your problems no matter what they may be, usually with expert comments, combined with suggested added ideas.

We have discussed my many worries of the day but also many good chuckles times. If these types of contacts had not taken place, due to me living alone with no personal friends, relations or siblings close by, life seemed to be very claustrophobic.

Many topics, sometimes personal, would have stayed bottled up inside and got worse. But being able to talk things out with a person who showed to be sympathetic and was understanding made the contacts very helpful, instead of always seeming to be a bit aloof and out of touch but hurting inside. 

Then just to be relaxed and able to talk it over means a great deal, when the lonely days are long and nobody seems to care. Six months in lockdown is a long time alone, but the further prospect of six months more is – to say the least – rather daunting.

But to know that you can speak to your staff member in times of loneliness means a great deal, in being able to share your thoughts and worries leaves you more relaxed.” 

Here is a testimonial from someone who wanted to remain anonymous, who has also been supported via this service. She also had a socially-distanced home visit from us, with staff in PPE and ensuring all safety precautions were taken. Thank you very much for sharing this feedback:

“My experience of receiving a home visit during lockdown was excellent. It’s been brilliant to meet my social isolation worker, as for me it’s extremely important to put a face to the voice I have been speaking to each week.

It was absolutely imperative that someone came to see me physically due to the nature of the visit, and the mask and shield that the worker wore made me feel safe. Stockport Mind have been a great support over lockdown and I appreciate their ongoing support.”