Depression, body image and homelessness: ‘Being Gail Porter’

Depression, body image and homelessness: ‘Being Gail Porter’

This week, our staff team have been watching and discussing a clip from the BBC’s ‘Being Gail Porter’ documentary. 

In this, she talks about a range of mental health-related challenges she has faced in her life, including post-natal depression, around body image, eating problems and difficulties with being in the public eye.

Warning – the clip also contains footage about self-harm. It can be upsetting and potentially triggering to watch or read about self-harm, so if you are feeling vulnerable at the moment, now might not be the time to watch the video. There are support resources around self-harm here

You can watch the clip via BBC Scotland’s Facebook page here, and the full documentary is available on iPlayer

For mental health support, you can contact us. If specialist help is needed, perhaps around some of the issues shown in the clip, it may be that we would signpost you to the best-placed organisation. Also, the ‘A-Z mental health’ section of the Mind website has lots of information and resources to look through.