Virtual ‘Thursday at One’ art group

Because our art group can’t run as normal at the moment, members are encouraged to continue their work at home, at the same time they would normally attend the group on a Thursday. If possible, they can send examples of their work to be showcased here.

This is open to everyone too, so please feel free to join in and submit photos of your work as a ‘guest’ member, even if you don’t attend normally. Please send images to 

The idea is to keep everyone motivated and allow people to see what other group members are working on. Some members have said that although they won’t be able to send work in, they will still work on their art on Thursdays, and they like the idea of being part of this in spirit. 

We have archived the brilliant work produced earlier in the year. You can see the page for May and June here, and March and April here


Ve (Volunteer) – “I have finished my painting and put it up in my window. I am looking forward to our Zoom session coming soon, and can’t wait to see what you have all been up to. This painting is now in my window for Remembrance Sunday.”
Margaret B (Volunteer) – “These were the last roses on an obelisk in the garden, so I cut them and brought them in. They were so pretty I painted them.”
Ve (Volunteer) – “Work in progress.”
Ve (Volunteer) – “I felt creative and wanted to make a wreath for my garden gate and here it is. Although I used young bamboo shoots it was still very difficult to shape them and wire it into place. You all have so much talent and I enjoy looking at your art and crafts.
Stay safe everyone.”
Myra (Group member) – “Finished wall hanging, after Friendly Fridays.”
Suzi (Group member)
Chris (Volunteer) – “Margaret has persevered with her knitting, and has now (almost!) completed her scarf. We have stayed sane during the lockdown by also completing a 1000 piece jigsaw. It got very competitive as we sneaked into the front room to try to finish it, managing only a couple of pieces a day towards the end. I think Margaret finished it first, then took out and left a couple of pieces for me…”
Jean T (Volunteer) – “Jean Tuffin has taken time off from gardening to paint these for the gallery. She is looking forward to being able to get out and about, and seeing everybody again.”
Jean T (Volunteer)
Suzi (Group member) – “First ever attempt at carving. Also a bunny which was a kit that a friend gifted me this week.”
Suzi (Group member) – “Latest makes.”
Ve (Volunteer) – “While this rain has been pouring down I haven’t had much chance to do gardening but I have been colouring in my little book. These are strange times and I didn’t feel like doing a painting because I didn’t have you guys to motivate me, so my little colouring book came out. Stay well and keep up with your art and crafts.”
Suzi (Group member)

We are looking into hosting an exhibition when this is all over, to bring members back together and celebrate all the artistic achievements through such a difficult time.

If you need support at the moment, take a look here for support options.