Virtual ‘Thursday at One’ art group

Because our art group can’t run as normal at the moment, members are encouraged to continue their work at home, at the same time they would normally attend the group on a Thursday. If possible, they can send examples of their work in to be showcased here.

This is open to everyone too, so please feel free to join in and submit photos of your work as a ‘guest’ member, even if you don’t attend normally. Please send images to 

The idea is to keep everyone motivated and allow people to see what other group members are working on. Some members have said that although they won’t be able to send work in, they will still work on their art on Thursdays, and they like the idea of being part of this in spirit. 

We have now archived the brilliant work produced in March and April, so you can see that here

Lucy (Group member)
Suzanne (Group member) – ” She’s finished.”
Ve (Volunteer) – ” My hand sewn mask, I got the pattern from YouTube. I just wish I had some nice flowery material, but never mind.”
Catherine (Staff, Guest member) – ” More family art from the Princes.”
Pauline (Group member) – ” Hi Everyone. Hope you are well. This week I’ve sent in a couple of pictures which I did from a colouring book app on my iPad. These pictures are great to do, and nice to share. x 😊 “
Suzanne (Group member)
Lucy (Group member)
Shirley (Chair of Trustees, Guest member) – “The group have inspired me. The hat is made from bits of felt, and odds and ends.”
Erin / Jo (Staff, Guest member) – “My daughter Erin made a stain glass effect heart, made with Quality Street wrappers. It looks lovely when the sun shines through it.”
Marcus (Staff, Guest member) – “My grandparents’ 61st wedding anniversary is coming up soon. Obviously we haven’t been able to see them properly in weeks, so we decided to make some bunting for them. Other family members are doing the other words and we will deliver it safely so they can put it up on the day.”
Lucy (Group member)
Lucy (Group member)
Lucy (Group member)

We are looking into hosting an exhibition when this is all over, to bring members back together and celebrate all the artistic achievements through such a difficult time.

If you need support at the moment, take a look here for support options.