Statement about access at Dove House

You may have noticed that information about our recent activities, taking place in Dove House, have been more specific about our limited access for people who have difficulties with stairs.

We do have a lift, but unfortunately it has been broken for a number of years and cannot be repaired. The likely replacement cost is in the region of £60,000. Given our financial situation, we have never been able to afford it. We are able to have staff work-space and see individuals and small groups in our ground floor accommodation, so that we are compliant with disability legislation. Over the years, and again in the last few months, we have made a number of bids for funding to enable us to install a new lift, but so far without success.

We have delivered some recent events and workshops in a large upstairs room at our office as there has been high demand. We are committed to provide access where possible to all people, and do have smaller rooms on our accessible ground floor, where there are also adapted/accessible toilet facilities.

Sometimes we are able to accommodate groups at external fully-accessible venues (not always available), but usually we are charged for those facilities as they are often community and/or faith-based organisations, who also have tight budgets.

If you know of anyone or any organisations (particularly a lift manufacturer!) who might be able to help us achieve our ambition to be fully accessible, then do please let us know.

Shirley Williams

Chair, Stockport and District Mind