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Roundup – Mental Health Awareness Week 2019

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This year’s Mental Health Awareness Week took place from 13 – 19 May, and the theme was ‘Body image – how we think and feel about our bodies’.

You don’t have to wait for events like Mental Health Awareness Week to talk about mental health, but they can provide a really good opportunity to do so.

We always make sure to get involved in lots of awareness raising opportunities when these events come round, to give people the chance to talk to us or take away information, and this time round was no different.

We spent time raising awareness with students and staff at Stockport College on the Monday.

On Wednesday, we delivered a talk to staff at Stockport Job centre, as well as appearing at an event whereby over 140 people – including lots of local services and groups – came together to link hands round the town hall to stand together and raise awareness in a very visible way. This video by Stockport User Friendly Fellowship shows further footage and images of that event, and other things going on locally over the course of the week.

We were also at at Zeno Ltd. on the Wednesday, and this was a lovely afternoon in the sun where the company raised awareness with us and some of their residents.

On the Thursday night, colleagues from other local Minds kindly represented Mind In Greater Manchester at a BBC Radio Manchester event called ‘Mad For It’, which took place at Salford Lads Club.

You can listen back to the radio show from the night here, available until mid-June. (To find out more about Mind in Greater Manchester, please click here – we are a partnership of five local Minds ensuring people experience better mental health and supporting people with their mental health to live well in their communities and at work.)

On Friday we spent time raising awareness at the Place To Eat cafe within John Lewis Cheadle, talking to both customers and Partners. One person who spoke to us there said: “You do a great job. I know a lot of people who benefit hugely from Stockport Mind”

Over the course of the week we engaged with hundreds of people, reaching many more on social media, and will continue to raise mental health awareness at every opportunity we get.

With the theme this year being body image, we made sure to talk about this topic with people we engaged with at these events. The CEO of The Mental Health Foundation, Mark Rowland, put this great blog together to explain why body image matters, and why it is closely linked with mental health.