Brexit and our mental health

Brexit and our mental health

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In a recent poll conducted by the Mental Health Foundationit was found that 43% of UK adults said that in the last year, Brexit had made them feel powerless. 39% said they were angry, 38% have been worried, 17% said it has caused them ‘high levels of stress’ and 12% have experienced sleep problems.

Given the uncertain political times we are currently living in, and the impact this is clearly having on the mental health and wellbeing of a substantial amount of people, the Mental Health Foundation have also put together some ‘Top tips to look after your mental health at times of political uncertainty and change.’ You can access those here

We hope that whatever your views on this divisive political issue, if this has impacted on your wellbeing, these tips will be able to help you and maybe shed some new perspectives and ideas on looking after your mental health during this tricky time.

To read the full information relating to the poll, please click here