Connect – Blackpool Residential Trip

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In October, members of our Connect group enjoyed a wonderful residential trip to Blackpool.

This fun trip included Madame Tussauds, the Sea Life Centre, looking at the illuminations from the top of a windy Blackpool Tower at night, the beach, the amusements, the zoo, the model village and more.

The accommodation was really good, and being by the seaside for a few days allowed people the opportunity to see more than what they might have had time for on a day trip, meaning everybody tried things they hadn’t done before.

Everyone got along well and reaffirmed their friendships, had the freedom to do what they wanted, and split off to do different activities where appropriate.

When asked what they enjoyed most, members’ comments included “Everything, especially the accommodation”, “Having some time to myself – running along the beach in the wind and going up the Tower in the dark!” and “Freedom”.

Other comments on their best bits included “Doing some things I have never before done, which have changed my life. Thank you”, “The companionship, being confident with each other, fun, laughter” and “The staff member was incredible support and the volunteer was amazing.”


Connect is a group that focuses on both social isolation and physical wellbeing, both of which can impact mental wellbeing. This is a relatively new project but it incorporates some aspects that we have previously provided services for.

Part of what the Connect group offers is a list of monthly activities, to support with social isolation and promote connections with others. All activities are suggested by group members.

These activities usually include a meal, a day trip and something to encourage more physical activity, but occasionally we include an overnight stay as well.

We would like to thank all the Connect members that joined us, enjoyed their trip and made it a success for themselves and each other.

At the core of the Connect group is a promotion of independence and support to progress into the community with more confidence, as much as people are able to. This trip was a great example of that.

If you would be interested in joining Connect, please feel free to contact us on 0161 480 7393 or and we can discuss this with you.