Time To Talk Day 2018

Thursday 1st February was Time To Talk Day 2018. This is an annual event, organised by Time To Change, which encourages people to get talking about mental health.

We were in a number of places around Stockport to recognise the day and raise mental health awareness by getting people talking.

Our staff members and volunteers held public sessions at the Olive Roc Cafe in Edgeley and Stockport Homes’ Windmill Cafe, and we also chatted to staff members at Sky in Stockport and John Lewis in Cheadle

On the day we spoke to over 45 people in person, in addition to reaching over 10,000 on social media (our Facebook posts specific to the event reached over 2600 people and our Tweets about it left over 7700 impressions).

We’re part of the official Greater Manchester Time To Change Hub, and our role involves signposting anyone interested in grass-roots mental health campagining to become a Time To Change Champion. A number of people took Champion sign-up forms from us on the day. You can find out more about this here

Thank you to everyone who spoke to or engaged with us on the day, but remember that you don’t have to wait for an event like this to open up about mental health – you could have that conversation on any day of the year.

Feel free to give us a call any time between Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 4.30pm (until 4.00pm on Fridays), if you would like to talk.