Being Ourselves on Children’s Mental Health Week and beyond

Being Ourselves on Children’s Mental Health Week and beyond

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This week is Children’s Mental Health Week. The theme for the week is ‘being ourselves’. Our manager Collin McCabe has put an article together on individuality and being ourselves, which is below.

Being Ourselves

If everyone was the same we wouldn’t exist as a human race. We all have an urge to be a particular person, to live in a particular way. Have you ever stopped to think about this?

We all have fairly unique goals in life, some of which are stronger than others, which drive us down a path in our lives and invariably take us towards where we want to be. It is these unique interests and goals that enable us to exist (and co-exist) as a species.

Just imagine what would happen if we all had the same goals in life. What if we all aspired to be the same?

For example, if we all had the same ambition to become a teacher we would probably first determine the particular subject matter that we intend to teach. We would then select the appropriate courses to obtain the relevant qualifications to become competent enough to be able to teach the particular chosen subject matter to other students.

There would obviously be plenty of students to teach because in this scenario everyone wants to learn the same subject in order to then become teachers themselves. As we aged we would then potentially retire which would open up positions for the next generation of teachers. In this world it would be difficult to imagine if the teachings would evolve or if we would simply teach the same subject matter generation after generation.

As we look closely at this scenario for the world, it soon becomes clear that this would be an impossible way to exist. If we did all share the same aspiration to become teachers, who would produce the books and documents used in the teaching process? Who would build the schools, colleges and universities where the teachings would take place? There would be no architects or builders because we would all be teachers.

More importantly, where would we obtain food, clothing, houses, etc.? There would be no doctors and hospitals, all of which are necessities for our survival. Who would manufacture or even design all the day-to-day items that we now take for granted, such as cars or communication devices? The list is endless.

What drives us to be different? It is this drive that enables us to exist.

Be proud to be different! Be proud to be ourselves!

This is what makes the world function as a global society.

By Collin McCabe


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