Stress Awareness Day 2017

Stress Awareness Day 2017

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Stress Awareness Day is this Wednesday, 1st November.

We all know what it’s like to feel stressed – pressure can affect us all and is a normal part of life.

However, prolonged stress can lead to other problems if it isn’t addressed.

Because stress can feature a lot in the workplace, we have produced some ideas which you could use to recognise Stress Awareness Day at work on Wednesday by promoting positivity, balance and resilience.

Please find these below. We do also deliver mental health awareness training packages to local organisations so please feel free to phone 0161 480 7393 to find out more.

Let’s get activePeople could get involved in a 10 minute exercise session which can include star jumps, lunges or sit-ups. This will get people energised, work off some stress and help people take their mind off work for a short while.

Positivity BoardYou could put up a board at work where staff can write positive things about themselves and others in order to recognise collective strengths. It could be something people have done that day or that week, and all this would help to promote positivity at work.

Shake it off – This one will require a sink or some kitchen towel! Staff take it in turns to say something that has stressed them out that day, and shake a can of pop whilst they do so, before passing the can to the next person. The last person then opens the fizzed-up can (above said sink or kitchen towel!) and everyone can watch the collective stresses of the day be released.

Brighten up the officeStaff members to wear bright clothing to brighten up the workplace and lighten everyone’s mood. It’s fun and everyone can get involved. People could make a donation to Stockport Mind to be able to take part.

Team walk – Being outside and amongst nature can help you to feel calm. You could go for a lunchtime walk as a staff team to socialise and talk about things which are on your mind.

Piece-fulStaff could each choose a jigsaw piece to colour-in in their own unique way and then arrange the pieces to create a bigger picture. It could be a Stress Awareness picture or anything positive that the staff would like to see on the office wall.

Tips for dealing with stress

Whilst not everything is under our control, there are some practical things which can help you manage stress. Some examples include:

  • Make a list to help organise your time
  • Do something different – develop a new interest or hobby
  • Learn to say ‘no’. Being straightforward and assertive can help with stress

If you would like more help with managing stress, you can check out some more in-depth information on National Mind’s website here.