Roundup – World Mental Health Day 2017

Roundup – World Mental Health Day 2017

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Yesterday was World Mental Health Day (WMHD) and we were in various locations around Stockport raising awareness, delivering training and inviting people to make a pledge.

We spoke to over 90 people at our information stands and delivered training to a further 42. We also reached over 10,000 on social media.

We were down at Stockport Train Station from 7am-10am, and then again 4pm-7pm. The theme of this year’s WMHD was Workplace Wellbeing, so part of our awareness raising at the station was catching morning and evening commuters travelling to and from work.

In line with the theme, we also delivered a training session to staff at John Lewis in Cheadle during the day, where we also held an information stand within ‘The Place to Eat’ cafe.

Training was also delivered to Romiley Depression Group in the evening, an open session which anybody could attend 7.30pm-9.00pm.

We had team members at The Big Conversation at Edgeley Park too, where Pennine Care presented details of current mental health services.

In addition to all our in-person awareness raising work on the day, we also set out to reach as many people as possible via social media. We reached 3544 people on Facebook and our tweets regarding WMHD left 6516 impressions.

A particular highlight of the day was some moving feedback one of our Link Workers received via text message. This was from one of the people she supports, and she was happy to be named:

“”Happy World Mental Health Day. Just want to thank you for everything you’ve done for me, honestly you are genuinely responsible for the fact I’m still alive and doing as well as I am now, you believed in me when I thought there was no other option and you supported me when I had no one else, no words will ever be quite enough to express just how grateful I honestly am… you should be so proud of the work you do, thanks for keeping me on this planet, that comes from my parents too. We’re all eternally indebted x ” – Victoria Gunning

On our information stands, we also had a pledge tree, and invited people to make a pledge this WMHD.

Here are some of the pledges that people made:

“Be mindful of people’s feelings of mental health.”

“To have good physical and mental health.”

“I’ll be sharing this info with my primary school to raise awareness of mental health.”

“I’m going to make a fuss until there are good mental health services in Stockport and appropriate funding.”

We will continue to raise awareness at Stockport County’s home match this coming Saturday (14th October, 3pm).

We also took a short film at one of our stalls. Watch this space – this will appear on our YouTube channel soon!

We also officially launched as part of the Greater Manchester Time to Change Organic Hub this WMHD, in partnership with other Local Minds within Greater Manchester:

Thank you for everyone who spoke to us or engaged with us on social media this WMHD.