GRASP Trip to Colwyn Bay

GRASP Trip to Colwyn Bay

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In July, our GRASP group went on a residential trip to Colwyn Bay in Wales.

8 GRASP members and two members of staff made the trip, and a great time was had by all.

GRASP stands for Groups for Recreational And Social Pathways, a group which goes out on trips to help people tackle social isolation, increase confidence and promote independence.

As part of the trip, some members went over to Llandudno, the group went to the Welsh Mountain Zoo, to the beach and even Snowdonia.

Other GRASP trips this year will include (or have included) Blackpool, West Kirby, Stoke-On-Trent, The Wigan Diggers Festival and Chester Zoo.

The first month’s membership with GRASP is free, and thereafter it’s £1.50 per month. There is a brief informal assessment to begin with, and for that you would need to phone Kate on 0161 480 7393 to arrange a chat.