Volunteers’ Boat Trip

Volunteers’ Boat Trip

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To celebrate our Volunteers’ amazing work, we organised a day out for them, with a Boat Trip from Portland Basin in Ashton and a takeaway lunch on the leisurely ride back.

Some feedback from the Volunteers included the quotes “It was gradely” and “It was relaxing, the boat was really nice and the museum was good. Nice to get together with other volunteers.”

We offer a variety of volunteering opportunities within our array of services available. Some roles are located within small teams, others are at venues within the community.

Although all volunteers are regularly in contact with staff and other members of their team, they may not meet all the other volunteers. Events like this offer the opportunity for volunteers to meet each other, relax, find out more about other roles and to recognise the wider team.

The main benefit for us is the opportunity to thank the amazing volunteers for their dedication, commitment, skills and passion in all they do and give.

Please feel free to browse a selection of our photos from the trip below.

Other recent events we’ve organised to celebrate the amazing work of our volunteers included a meal and the launch of a two-part video for Volunteers’ Weekas well as a Winter Celebration Evening back in November.