Volunteers’ Week 2017

Volunteers’ Week 2017

This week (1st-7th June) was Volunteers’ Week, an annual celebration of the fantastic contribution millions of volunteers make across the UK.

We celebrated our volunteers in various ways this week.

Yesterday, we enjoyed a lunch in celebration of our volunteers at the Red Lion pub in High Lane.

All present enjoyed great food, and much good spirit and thanks were shared between volunteers, trustees (who are also volunteers) and staff.

Our Chairperson Shirley and General Manager Collin stressed how we simply couldn’t function without the work of our volunteer network.

We also had a photo slideshow of past volunteering events playing on loop whilst we enjoyed our food, which raised some smiles and nostalgic conversations.

Here are some photos from yesterday’s meal:

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Another way in which we have celebrated this week was by producing a two-part video, where four of our eight Reception Volunteers spoke about the amazing work they do for us.

Here is Part 1:

And here is Part 2:

Thanks so much to Suzi, Jonathon, Jackie and Danny for taking part in this, and to our Digital Media volunteer Chris who shot and edited this short film.

We currently have 37 volunteers in total, eight of whom specialise in working in the Reception area of our Dove House office.

One of these eight, Hazel, received a great compliment on day two of this year’s Volunteers’ Week, which we would like to share.

Hazel was talking to a distressed caller on our telephone helpline.

Another user of our service was sat in the office waiting room, and after Hazel had finished the phone call, he told her that he couldn’t help but overhear the gist of her half of the conversation.

This is what he said, before putting a note in our collection tin.

A huge well done to Hazel, showing just how important our volunteers are to the organisation all year round.

On Monday, we attended an event at Manchester Central Library hosted by Manchester Volunteer Centreto spread the word about what we do.

Here is our Volunteer Coordinator Natalie at the event:

If you’re interested in volunteering opportunities with us, please see this part of our website. Any vacancies will be listed there.

Thanks so much to everyone involved in making this week a special one, and in particular each and every one of our volunteers – your contributions are invaluable.