New semester – Pennine Health and Wellbeing College

New semester – Pennine Health and Wellbeing College

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Back in December, we blogged about the Pennine Care Health and Wellbeing College opening a new campus in Stockport.

The college now have a new prospectus, with new courses available, as well as new campuses in Rochdale and Bury.

These courses aim to transform lives through hope, control and opportunity by providing a range of module options on mental and physical health topics and life skills.


Courses running this time round at the Stockport campus – which is at Stockport College – are:

Believe and Achieve – celebrating achievements and working towards self-belief
Curtains to Sleepless Nights – improving sleep and sleep habits
Out of the Blues – understanding depression and looking at positive thinking
Get Social Media Savvy – a one session course to improve health and wellbeing through connecting with others on social media
This is My Moment – understanding how to allow yourself to be in the moment and appreciate life
Make it Count – basic budgeting skills
Assert Yourself  – learning positive communication skills and how to assert yourself to become more confident
Get Mental Health Aware – a one-off interactive session to look at some of the facts and figures about mental health problems, and busting common myths


The college is open to anyone over 18 who lives in Stockport, Tameside, Glossop, Oldham, Bury, Heywood, Middleton or Rochdale. Stockport residents who don’t mind travelling to the other campuses, for the courses only running at certain locations, could also try:

I Am in Control – managing and overcoming anxieties (at Oldham and Rochdale)
Cool It! – understanding and managing anger (at Oldham)
Coping with Change – dealing with the stress of change (at Oldham)
Healthy Relationships – explore differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships (at Oldham)
Preparing for Your Future – recognising your skills and making the most of them (at Oldham)
Eat Well Be Active – for anyone wishing to live a healthier lifestyle and make better choices about food (at Oldham)
Writing our Stories – unlocking the creative potential of storytelling (at Oldham)
Living With Pain – strategies to manage pain for a more fulfilling life (at Oldham)
Loss and Bereavement – helpful strategies to cope with loss and grief (at Bury)
Finding Your Balance – how to get the balance right in life to benefit your wellbeing (at Oldham)

Enrolment for new students is until Thursday 13th April 2017. Current students can re-enrol until the same date.

For full details, check out the new online prospectus at the bottom of this page.