Cogknitive Therapy group produce 300+ metres of knitting to raise mental health awareness

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A knitting group is raising awareness of the importance of mental health through an eye-catching campaign.

Cogknitive Therapy is a group set up by Gill Ball, and they have collectively knitted a woolen bandage which is as long as The Shard. It’s over 300 metres long, weighs a stone, and they’re not finished yet!

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Above, Gill is pictured with our manager Collin, SPARC’s manager Lynn, and of course the knitting ball itself! Our organisations are backing Gill’s campaign.

The Cogknitive Therapy group has around 25 members, and some lengths of knitting have even been sent over from abroad, to be added to the effort. You can check out the Facebook page for the campaign here

Gill is hoping the bandage can be presented at 10 Downing Street, and has been in touch with Theresa May’s secretary a few times about the possibility of this.

The group would like the campaign to encourage people to talk, for people to get involved in something they’re passionate about, and to pressure the government to put more money into mental health services.


Knitting has often been praised for being good for positive mental health, and combating low mood and anxiety.

We would like to congratulate Gill on coordinating this incredible effort. She said: “With a broken arm, people would be able to see the bandage. With mental health conditions, you can’t see it, which is where the idea was from. It’s all about it being visual.”