Time To Talk Day 2017

Time To Talk Day 2017

Yesterday was Time To Talk Day 2017, an annual event organised by Time To Change campaign which encourages people to have conversations about mental health.

We were at various places around Stockport throughout the day, encouraging people to do just this, to break down stigma and promote wellbeing.

Two of our information stands were at Stockport Train station from 7am-10am and 4pm-7pm, with many commuters taking time out of their busy days to have a chat.

TTTD17 1 col and kate

TTTD17 3 shirley yvonne nat

We also had a stand and delivered a presentation at CDL, a company who have recently chosen us as their Charity of the Year, as well as a stall at Stockport Council’s Stopford House Building.

At our stands we had a pledge tree, which invited people to make a pledge about having conversations about mental health and wellbeing. Pledges on the tree included the following:

“To offer help to a stranger on a more regular basis”

“Make time to talk to those who live far away”

“To offer help to someone in need”

“Treat others with respect”

“Encourage my children to talk to others who might need a chat. I am going to relax with my kids to relieve the stresses of the day!”

“Always think more positive rather than negative”

“Break it down into steps. Be kind to yourself. Success is a journey, you can’t do it all at once”

TTTD17 4 pledge tree

We also managed to raise over £170 on the day to better support people in Stockport around their mental health.

Thank you to everyone who came to have a chat, add a pledge to the tree, or donate.

TTTD17 2 marcus lesley