Online survey – mental health services for young people in Stockport

Kids, SAVY and ourselves are working together to find out what the views and experiences of young people, parents/carers, and service providers are, about mental health services for young people in Stockport. This will help to see whether there is anything missing from current services for young people. We have put together an online survey so you can help us find out.

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The information you provide will help us design a new model of mental health service for young people in Stockport. We will not ask for your name and no-one will know what answers you have given. There will be 6 pages of questions for young people, 8 pages of questions for parents/carers/other family members, and 5 pages of questions for service providers/professionals.

You can access the survey here

Representatives from Stockport Statutory, voluntary and community organisations are welcome to attend an in-person consultation on 8th February. Full details of that can be found here