Volunteer Police Cadets receive Mental Health Awareness Training

Last week, we delivered training to Stockport Volunteer Police Cadetsintroducing them to the basics of mental health awareness.

The leader of the Cadets said: “Superb effort last night, it was a really informative and entertaining session – always easier to get a message across when it’s engaging. Thanks so much to you and your colleagues for coming along.”


The cadets carry out some great work for the local communities, especially raising awareness, helping people feel safe, distributing leaflets on crime, etc. and also providing a fantastic opportunity for young people through learning, Duke of Edinburgh awards, workshops, exercise, etc.

They were formed in December 2013 and are the only Volunteer Police Cadets group in Stockport. They meet weekly on Wednesdays between 6pm-8pm at Stockport Academy. The Cadets are students aged 14 to 18 from local schools and colleges.