Saturday is International Men’s Day – Theme: Talk About Male Suicide

Saturday is International Men’s Day – Theme: Talk About Male Suicide

This coming Saturday, 19th November, is International Men’s Day.

The theme for this is ‘Talk About Male Suicide’, and therefore coincides with International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day.

Stockport Suicide Prevention have produced a press release about this particular issue and how it relates to statistics and provisions in Stockport. You can read about this below the logo.


Preventing Suicide: It’s not inevitable

Every two hours in the UK, someone dies as the result of suicide. In Stockport, someone dies every two weeks, between 25-30 people every year.

Men aged 35-54 are 3 times more likely to end their own life which means death by suicide is one of the major killers of men under 55 in Stockport.

For every person who dies by suicide, ten people (adults and children) are directly impacted by the tragic event.

But deaths from suicide are the tip of the iceberg. On average, every month in Stockport:

  • Two people die by suicide
  • 20 people are directly impacted as a result of these suicide deaths
  • 67 people attend Stepping Hill Hospital’s emergency department with self-harm issues
  • 116 people attempt suicide
  • 275 people access the emergency department in suicidal distress
  • 365 calls are received by The Samaritans which express suicidal thoughts and feelings

The Stockport suicide prevention group is a collaboration of local services who are working together to prevent suicide. They believe that suicide is not inevitable and are working to support services, communities and individuals to take actions that can prevent the continuous, steady loss of life and the devastation and long lasting negative impact on those left behind.

The Stockport suicide prevention web resource provides one port of call to connect you to up-to-date local and national information, support and resources. Whether you are suffering with your own thoughts and feeling about ending your life or supporting someone else or bereaved by suicide within two clicks the web resource aims to connect you to the help and support you need.

A web resource which aims to help prevent suicide and support those bereaved by suicide in Stockport: one port of call for local services; web based resources and national helplines.