New ‘Stockport Health and Care Finder’ app

New ‘Stockport Health and Care Finder’ app



Stockport residents can now increase their understanding of how to access local health and social care services, self-care options and lifestyle opportunities by using a new app – ‘Stockport Health and Care Finder’.

This app gives users quick and easy access to up-to-date local health and social care information, and it includes a directory of pharmacies, GPs, hospitals, clinics, care homes and other services so that people can get the right care in the right place.

Medical professionals want to tap into the growing smartphone trend by providing this alternative avenue for information about local services.



One example of how this could be useful is that if a Stockport resident wanted to find a chemist late at night, the app would automatically work out which was the closest one to them, and give them the details of this.

The app provides the ability to set favourites for quicker access to the most user-relevant services, and services can be dialled directly from the app. It can also be used to send reminders to the user about health checks and screening entitlements.

If you have a compatible Android or Apple device you can download the new ‘Stockport Health and Care Finder’ app by going to your app store and searching for it by name.