Fabulous newlyweds chose to donate money to Stockport Mind instead of receive wedding gifts

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On 9th July 2016, Paul and Leanne got married. The fabulous newlyweds chose to donate money to Stockport Mind instead of receive wedding gifts.CoxsZtNXYAE3qhZ

Linda McGrath, Paul’s mother tells us more about Paul and Leanne’s decision to donate instead of receive wedding gifts:

“Hello My name is Linda McGrath. I have been a carer for 20 years and a volunteer for over 8 years for two organisations; one Stockport Mind, the other Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust. Twenty  years ago we had a normal life, with no idea  of mental health issues until my son started to have problems. We were part of the community who knew nothing about carers and how it just doesn’t  affect the parents but the whole family; sisters, brothers, uncles, aunties, grandmas etc.  Two years ago my younger son Paul announced his plans to marry  Leanne and all the family were very pleased  after 8 years of waiting. Then they announced  they didn’t want any presents just donations to Stockport Mind and The Christie Hospital, which made us all very proud of them both.

I understand the reason why they decided for donations, because Paul  has listened  to me talk about Stockport Mind and the support they give to vulnerable people with deep mental health difficulties and carers over all these years,  in the borough. Whether it be advocacy, counselling, peer support and much more. Caring for somebody is not just about the parents or Guardian, it affects the whole family: brothers, sisters, aunties ,uncles, cousins and so on… So we have to support our local organisations, especially with all the cuts now within The NHS. We want to Thank Stockport Mind, and will continue to support them as long as we can, because they do a brilliant job for so many people. Kind regards Linda, Kevin and Stephen.”


We would like to say a massive thank you and congratulations to Paul and Leanne for thinking of us when they decided to donate to us instead of receive wedding gifts. Also, thank you to Linda for volunteering for us and spreading the word of all the good work our staff do to support people with mental health problems and carers of people with mental health problems.