Restraint isn’t okay

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National Mind just released a two part guide about restraint, in partnership with NSUN. The guide supports campaigners to end the reliance on physical force used towards patients in mental health services. We know this experience can be frightening, humiliating and cause unnecessary distress.

We have since seen national guidance published in England to reduce the use of all restrictive interventions and bring an end to face down restraint.

The first part of the guide explains what the national guidance says and provides information on some of the great work that is going on around the country.

The second part of the guide is where you come in. It is a campaigning toolkit that details how you can get involved with these issues and campaign on them in your local area – for example, you might want to get started by linking up with an existing service user or by arranging to meet up with your mental health service provider.

Whether it is in a big or small way, we hope you can use the guide to improve practice in every area and help end the reliance on force in mental health services.

Gary, one of the campaigners, has written a blog focusing on his experience of restraint in a mental health setting and about how campaigners can use the guide – you can read his blog here.