Mental health Advocacy & human rights: your guide

About this Guide

This guide is written by the British Institute of Human Rights,
as part of its Human Rights in Healthcare project. Funded by
the Department of Health, the project has worked with 20
voluntary and community sector organisations in England
over three years to explore how human rights can assist
with the provision of better health and social care services.
This guide is written in partnership with several organisations
on that project, who work on mental health, including Mind
in Brighton and Hove, Wish and NSUN.

The guide is designed to assist advocates working with service
users with mental health problems. Much of the information
will also be directly relevant to service users, in particular
the sections ‘How the Human Rights Act works’ on page 7
and ‘Key human rights relevant to mental health’ on page 9.
Opposite is a cut-out page specifically for service users.
The guide is mostly written directly to service users, ie your
rights and your health.

No knowledge of human rights or the Human Rights Act
(HRA) is assumed. But it should also be of use to those with
some human rights knowledge, in particular the practical
sections towards the end of the guide. It is designed to allow
readers to ‘dip in and out’. If you don’t have time to read
the whole guide, see the contents page for the parts most
relevant to you.

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