Unite to Fight For Change

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Olivia Bligh is 19 years old and currently studying Health & Social Care at college. For too long, mental illness has plagued her life.

Olivia is now using this negative experience and turning it around in a campaign to fight the stigma associated with mental illness and therefore help raise awareness for this taboo topic.

Olivia says:

“I have been a sufferer of mental illness since the young age of 11. I have a number of diagnoses which I am determined will not hold me back any further in life. Too many suicide attempts later, and nearly losing my life, I am now fighting for the awareness of mental health which I believe really needs to be promoted so much more.

I set up a blog a few months ago where I have a compilation of my pieces of writing.

The feedback I have received so far is incredible and it has already reached countries that I would never have imagined! (The States, Australia, South Africa and Thailand; to name but a few!)

I am now in a place where I want to take this blog further and get my voice heard in even more countries in orders to help others.”

For more information please visit Olivia at www.UniteToFightTheStigma.blogspot.com