Mindful of Ourselves – Art Exhibition

Exhibition Description

The exhibition starts with a launch party on Tuesday 1st July at 13.00. The exhibition will focus on the positive aspects of mental health and challenge the negative stigma that can be prominent within society relating to mental distress. Therefore it will focus on life, release and the experience people have when they are able to access support and feel better about themselves and the world around them. It will colour and light to display images that individuals feel represent their own personal experience and encourage reflection within others. We have pieces from each group that complement each other to create a welcoming and relaxed environment.


About the artist

This is a collaboration of three art groups involved in the Stockport Alliance. All three art groups have been formed to support individuals who either are currently or have previously experienced mental distress. The groups offer an opportunity for people to express themselves in a supportive and creative environment whilst also offering the opportunity to socialise and connect with the community. The ethos behind the groups is to be inclusive with respect for people, their experiences and their opinions and a belief in a social rather than a medical model of mental distress focussing on the person as a whole rather than on a diagnosis.

The groups have all participated separately in a variety of events, this is the first collaboration of its kind. Independently the groups have experience of exhibitions in other venues and at Stockport Art gallery, promotional stalls and events, for the individual groups and organisations and fundraising.
artist statement

Artist Statement

The pieces of work that are displayed have all been created by individuals who are involved in the groups and have either personal experience of metal distress or are involved in mental health. This means that the work displayed has been created to reflect or enhance how they are feeling as an individual, we support people to express themselves openly and honestly to the extent that they choose to.

We ask our members regularly about the groups and maintain a high positive standard of feedback. Many of our members recognise the therapeutic impact of the group to provide an opportunity to concentrate on something positive without distractions. Art is a therapeutic way of channelling energy into something positive and allowing your mind to explore. Therefore each piece has been created in a different way as it is individual to the individual. The different expressions cover a variety of techniques, including but not limited to, watercolours, encaustic, acrylics and glass painting.

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