Secondary Services

This chapter describes the hospital services available for people with mental health problems. The majority of people who go into hospital for psychiatric treatment are there voluntarily but a small number are taken in under a section of the Mental Health Act. See the Users’ Rights section of the Mental Health Overview part of this guide for further details about the Mental Health Act, including an outline of the Act and an explanation of admission and discharge procedures. See the Advocacy and Legal Services chapter for details of mental health solicitors and organisations that can offer you support if you feel that your wishes are not being taken seriously.

SPARC – Stockport Progress and Recovery Centre

Address: Progress House, 35a Adswood Lane East Cale Green Stockport SK2 6RE
Phone: 0161 429 9744
Fax: 0161 476 6429
Contact Name: Lynn Barrett
Office Hours: 9am -5 pm mon to fri, sun
Referral: Yes
Comment: Day Centre for adults who are experiencing or recovering from mental health problems; has a range of leisure, therapeutic + social activities. For adults who are receiving support under the Care Program Approach via a care co-ordinator.

Stockport Out of Hours Team

Address: Ash House, Stepping Hill Hospital, Sockport SK2 7JE
Phone: 0161 718 2118
Office Hours: 6pm – 9am and weekends
Phone Hours: 6pm – 9am and weekends
Referral: No
Comment: Out of Hours provides a generic service to residents of Stockport requiring emergency social care. this includes assessments undertaken under the Mental Health Act 1983

Stockport Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Team

Address: Mental Health Unit, Stepping Hill Hospital, Poplar Grove, Stockport SK2 7JE
Phone: 0161 419 4206
Fax: 0161 419 4274
Contact Name: Service manager Sandra Harrison
Office Hours: 24 hours 7 days
Phone Hours: 24 hours 7 days
Referral: Yes
Comment: Single point of entry service, referral only via care co-ordinator although are able to give advice over phone; specialist mental health service. Provide intensive home treatment to prevent hospital admission.

Stepping Hill Hospital – Psychiatric Wards

Address: Poplar Grove, Stockport, SK2 7JE
Comment: Norbury Staff 0161 419 5752, Patients 0161 483 8762. Arden Staff 0161 419 5754, Patients 0161 483 9272. Cobden Ward Staff 0161 419 2144, Patients 0161 456 9280. Bevan Ward Staff 0161 419 4379 Reception 0161 419 4383 Davenport 0161 419 5750

Cheadle Royal Hospital

Address: 100 Wilmslow Road, Cheadle, Stockport, SK8 3DG
Phone: General Enquiries:0161 428 9511; In-patient Central Referral: 07766 003300; Outpatient + therapy services Referral Line: 0161 495 4902
Fax: 0161 428 1870
Contact Name: Ian McComifkie (Hospital Director)
Comment: Cheadle Royal Healthcare is a centre of excellence for the provision of Mental Health Services, for both privately funded and NHS patients. With a highly qualified and experienced team of Consultants, Psychiatrists, Therapists , Counsellors and Nursing Staff, it provides a broad range of specialist mental health services. Treatment can be provided on an outpatient, daypatient or inpatient basis, dependent on each individual’s needs. Cheadle Royal Healthcare also provides a very necessary service to the NHS by making specialist beds available when NHS facilities are at capacity or are not able to provide the specialist care that the patient needs.