Counselling for me was a place where I could be me. I did not have to pretend to be happy about my situation. I was allowed the freedom to explore my feelings that I had forgotten I had. The numbness that I felt about feelings began to lift after four or five sessions. Things started to seem clearer, yet nothing in my personal circumstances had changed, apart from the fact that I was in counselling. This time that I took for myself was the best thing that I have done in years. At the end of my counselling I felt like a new person at last someone listened and understood what I was feeling.

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Beacon Counselling

Phone: 0161 285 1827 for Greek St Stockport, 0161 440 0055 for Bramhall
E-mail: Online contact form
Comment: Some funded programmes are free of charge, for others Beacon request a donation on a ‘whatever you can reasonably afford’ basis

Stockport Christian Counselling

Phone: 0161 428 7388
Comment: You don’t need to be of any faith to attend this service, despite its name. As with Beacon, this is on a ‘what you feel you can’ pay basis.

Psychological Wellbeing Service in Stockport

Phone: 0161 480 2020; 0161 232 7854 for computerised cbt
E-mail: ,
Office Hours: 9am – 5pm
Referral: No
Comment: A range of services to help people overcome depression & anxiety & related problems: structured courses (6 weeks); psychological wellbeing practitioners (PWPs) offering 1:1 talking therapies at venues across Stockport; Computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (cCBT) at 4 venues in Stockport; cCBT at home with telephone support. People can self refer to this service.

United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP)

Address: America House, America Square, London EC3 N2LU
Phone: 020 7014 9955
Office Hours: Monday – Friday 9.00am – 4.00pm
Comment: UKCP exists to promote and maintain the profession of psychotherapy for the benefit of the public, throughout the UK. They produce a National Register of Psychotherapists and only psychotherapists who meet their training requirements and abide by their ethical guidelines are included. For details of registered psychotherapists contact them on the number above or look up information on their website.

British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)

Address: BACP House, 15 St. Johns Business Park, Lutterworth, Leicester LE17 4HB
Phone: 01455 883300
Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8.45am – 5.00pm
Comment: Provides support for counsellors and an ethical framework for good practice. Produces a journal and organises seminars and conferences. Able to provide lists of accredited counsellors working in your local area, this information is available online or by telephoning the number above.